From this page you can find over 170 stories from close to 80 countries around the world: stories which are short and true, and which have a sometimes-amusing twist in their tale. They aren’t promotional, just fun: none of them are titled ’10 best….’, all of them involve people I have met on my travels.

You can buy the stories, in paperback or on kindle, along with a lot of extra text about The Bearded Stranger’s travels, from Amazon here:

On this site you can search for stories by continent/region in the Browse button above.

Or you can click Search in the Browse drop-down menu: type in a country name, a city or a word and see where in the world it takes you. Here are some examples:

-          ‘Queen’ will take you to the Canadian Rockies, an archaeological site in Sudan and a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace;

-          With ‘Beach’ you’ll find me trying not to drown in Australia, describing the growth of urban Singapore, following in the steps of the Egyptian royals and having a misunderstanding in Brazil;

-          ‘Alcohol’ features a bit (illegally in Yemen and Libya, excessively in Russia, cruelly in the USA, surprisingly in Pakistan) while…

-          …‘Plane’ will find me frustrated in Ireland, sick in Peru, avoiding bombs in Lebanon and happy to be in Johannesburg.

Whatever interests you, I hope it’s here for you!